26 years
Height 177 cm
Weight 77 kg
Eye color: Blue
Zodiac: Taurus
English: Yes

Men for erotic massage

Now in Dolly men do massage is not only for women but also for men! After all, only a man knows what really wants a man

  Striptease Role-playing Pip-show Foot fetish Master You are master Prostate For lady For man For couple Aqua-relax Massage boy-girl show English
Antosha yes yes yes - - - - yes yes yes yes yes yes

Masseur for man
(price of massages for ladies from man you can watch HERE)



Duration, minutes

Cost in UAH

Body Classical+ero 60 700
Kiss Class+ero+kiss 60 800
Double relax Ero+class+ero+kiss 90 900
Full Relax More alluring company+kiss+ero+class+ero 120 1200
For Couple Diversify and bring new feelings in relationships 30/30 400/400
Pip-show Get excited and complete together... 10-20 300
Role playing Play together.... 20-60 300
Prostate Urological and preventive procedure 5-15 400
Striptease In dancing, sexy man undressing to music 10 100
Aqua-relax Feel the gentle care by hands of man till the end... 15 200
Foot fetish These legs will perform all your desires! 10-30 150
Master You will subject and find yourself at the mercy of your lord 15-50 500
You are Master Play the lord 15-50 400
Massage boy-girl show Just look on their erotic games 15 300


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