Body massage

A body massage involves a full body massage, including a massage of the intimate parts of the client. About massage of intimate parts the client and the masseur agree before the beginning of a session.

Body massage in Kiev, Ukraine

Basically, during a full body massage, only classical massage techniques are used, which are performed by hands.
For example, they can touch the client's body with the chest, legs, buttocks, etc.
Body massage in Kiev is often associated with erotic massage. But this does not mean that ordering body massage you can get and sexual stimulation. Many private masseurs do not provide such services, and if you need a "happy ending", then you have to immediately go only to the salon of erotic massage.
But as a rule in such places do not work professional masseurs and quality body massage you do not get, but the service for pisyunn or pussy there will be excellent. If you enter in the search for Google "body massage kiev", then in the results of the issuance, you will usually see only the salons of erotic massage. This is Kiev, baby, the Ukrainian capital of entertainment.
But in reality, everything depends on you, even in such salons you can safely order only a classic body massage, and the staff will be very glad that they will not have to deal with your genitals. In these salons often have to work people who are in poverty, and they need to eat and dress something, they need to help their families ... so they have to help clients to get happy endings, to earn more money.

Be virtuous and order a body massage without happiness, but with relaxation.

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